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The right words.

With this service, I leverage my wide-ranging background in working on different types of translations with governments, and companies focused on areas such as home design, sports, and engineering, to create impactful messaging in the target language. Schedule your initial consultation today.


Nous avons engagé Lissa pour un projet de traduction de longue haleine et pour la traduction de nos infolettres et elle a toujours respecté les échéanciers et a fait preuve d'un grand professionnalisme et enthousiasme. De plus, elle a un grand souci du détail. Je la recommande sans hésiter ! - Marie Helene M., Marketing Director

(We hired Lissa for a long-term translation project and for the translation of our newsletters. She always respected deadlines and showed great professionalism and enthusiasm. In addition, she has a great attention to detail. I recommend her without hesitation! -Marie Helene M., Marketing Director)

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