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Image by Nick Morrison


Cut through the nonsense.

I write upbeat, engaging copy to draw in your audiences and make them want to know more. I enjoy brainstorming creative ideas with clients and using my background in brand communication and writing to ensure a client's message is clear and impactful.


This service will help your business grab the attention of your ideal customer in an oversaturated landscape. Go ahead and schedule an initial consultation today.


Lissa is both creative and highly skilled with the ability to write about absolutely anything with excellence! Lissa is a fantastic proofreader as well and a pleasure

to work with.

—Kimberly Calder, Marketing Director + Brand Specialist, Reliable Corporation

“Thank-you SO much Lissa! It was awesome working with you! You were very in tune with what I was trying to say, and I appreciated you taking the time to brainstorm and really get things right, not pushing me to a certain wording or to have it finalized quickly.”

—Gillian Byers, Mindfully Active


“Lissa has been instrumental in helping me rebrand and merge my two existing websites into one, strong and cohesive brand. Her in-depth analysis of my business and her vision paved the way for a look and feel that I absolutely love!”

—Gunilla Eisenberg, Facialist & Founder of Gunilla Skin Alchemy


“I was wowed by how much Lissa was able to help me say using so few words. She told me 'less is better,' and she really delivered on her promise to help me create a website my audience could connect with. Thank you for making my job SO much easier.”

—Finka Jerkovic, Coach & Connector, Founder,

“Working with Lissa was SO easy and fun. I tend to think too long and hard about the words I'm using to describe my business, so it was a joy to have Lissa take the reins and develop a message with my input. As a bonus from our brainstorming session we even came up with a tag line that my audience will love!!”

—Lora Frost, Artist & Founder, Lora Frost Studio

“My copy reads so much better now!! I love how you wrote the descriptions and I used many of your ideas throughout. My clients will love it!!”

—Pam Lostracco, Artist

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