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Holding a Book

Editing + Promotion

Get seen by your audience.

I help authors, academics, leaders, entrepreneurs, or those writing their first book to structure their time so they can complete their book projects. I offer services in the areas of editorial assessment to provide feedback on elements like plot, characterization, structure, consistency, and style. I work as a proofreader and editor on essays, papers, stories, and full-length book projects. 


Through this, I work with you to focus on the strengths of the writing so that you can move forward with confidence. 

I've also worked with several authors on aspects of promotion leading up to the publication of their written work. I collaborate with individual writers to develop a strategy to fit a budget, book

(and market), and target audience.

Other services I provide are query letter

writing to agents or publishers, and research for those

seeking an agent and/or publisher.


"I was so impressed with how Lissa works. She turned a bunch of jumbled up sentences I gave her about myself and turned it into a fantastic bio in just a few days. She even took the time to do additional research. She has an amazing talent of getting the point across in as few words as possible. Can't recommend her enough. Thank you!"

Billee Burchett


“Lissa has an amazing eye for detail and caught many things during editing that made my story stronger. Her encouragement, ideas and humour allowed me to trust the process, making it a joy to ready my memoir for eventual publication.”

                                                                —Sara Mody, Teacher & Author


“It was awesome working with Lissa! She was so generous and understood my philosophy from the very beginning. Working with her remotely was great because she was flexible and reachable. She was able to deliver ideas for making my business content a success that I hadn’t even considered. She will leave you 110% happy with her work!!”

—Yuly Rodriguez, Founder, Zebra Books

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