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This advertorial was featured in Modern Quilting Magazine, a popular US-based publication as part of a product launch. Quilters are one of the client's target markets. This two-page advertorial focuses on the importance of good tools for the success of the finished project. Most quilters know that a good iron must be able to iron out wrinkles and creases in the fabric before cutting out pieces, and to setting seams so the quilt blocks lie flat. This portable iron and steamer is the perfect companion for at-home or on-the-road quilting.

You can read the full article HERE.

Product Advertorial

I work with businesses, companies, and organizations to creating consistent, engaging, brand-focused blog posts based on my clients' business and customer base.


I develop a blog strategy around a brand, conduct research, provide an editorial schedule, and focus on creating regular SEO-friendly content to rank higher on search engines.

 View a sample HERE. And another HERE.

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Blog posts/articles

I write upbeat, engaging copy to draw visitors in and make them want to know more. This example is a profile(s) piece for Rennie Group, Vancouver's largest Real Estate company. The piece was part of a larger project about a new development in Kitsilano, an affluent Vancouver neighbourhood. This is one of many examples of real estate writing I've done for Rennie. I've also worked on several projects for Concord Pacific.

Here are a few examples of websites I've worked on and the market: Real Estate, Real Estate, Real Estate, Beauty, Health food & beverage



I'm a professional writer with a background in journalism. For this reason I'm able to write articles in a range of styles and tones, and to pitch to news media or write thought pieces for academic and other institutions. You can view a recent article I wrote for this client HERE.

I've worked as an editor for magazines and newsletters and also as a brand strategist and a writer. Here's an internal newsletter that I worked on with Ramp, a Toronto marketing agency for Toyota Canada called The Hub. I was copy strategist, editor and writer for this publication. 


I work with clients to get their products, services or ideas (e.g., social marketing) seen on the right media channels. I collaborate with media to develop a story that impacts audiences.

Recently I wrote a media release for a young pop singer out of LA whose career is taking off. 


Another example of my media-based work is with Metropolis BC, an International Forum for Research and Policy on Migration, Diversity and Changing Cities. In the lead-up to a global immigration conference we ran two inserts in the Globe and Mail (see right) that showcased immigration issues. For the national immigration conference in Vancouver I was hired to bring attention to immigration, diversity and integration issues along with the important research being undertaken by Metropolis affiliates in Canada and worldwide.




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