Are you tired of worn-out copy that engages nobody? I help people craft their best stories about themselves, their businesses, and their companies. I work with small and medium sized businesses, companies, and agencies to make sense of a client's ideas so his or her audiences see and hear a story that connects to their experience, vision, and desires.


Whether you’re launching a new product or service, a website, writing an e-book, speech, or just need some guidance to create powerful messaging, I’ll help you whip your words into shape so you attract your ideal customers and create a lasting brand presence.


As a communications professional with several years experience across sectors, I have close to 20 years experience in writing, branding, marketing communication, social media, media relations, teaching, translation (FR>ENG and ENG<FR) journalism, outreach campaigns, publishing, and editing--all with an eye to engaging people through human stories.


The scope of what I do encompasses the following:

  • Lead copywriter with ad teams to build successful brand identities

  • Journalistic writing for newspapers, magazines

  • Develop engaging copy for multiple audiences

  • Translation of ad copy from FR>ENG

  • Blog writing

  • Mentoring writers and entrepreneurs

  • Teaching writing

  • Content development 

  • Write copy for brochures, ads

  • Website copy

  • Book-length projects

  • Marketing/Communications collateral (e.g. media releases, pitches, PSAs

"Lissa is a consummate professional and an absolute pleasure to work with. She creates impactful stories that strengthen brands, making them feel relevant to your audience. Lissa is known for writing copy that engages audiences, allowing your message to land and making you and your brand memorable. She's even a published author! "


- Nadine Prada Inc.


You can also view my profiles on LinkedIn and Alignable.

T: 647.391.2040 | infoATthewritewordsDOTink

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